Woman Workplace Women in Business Suits Standing Together
Woman Workplace Women in Business Suits Standing Together

Hermida CO LLC.

Building equity ​through empathy.


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Our boutique diversity, equity, ​belonging, and inclusion firm is ​driven by a team of three dedicated ​professionals, focusing on creating ​unique and meaningful experiences ​for our partners.

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is a way of life

the problems

Our clients and partners are currently facing the following problems

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Implicit Bias

& Lack of ​Awarness

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Resistance to ​change & ​Structural Inertia

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Communication gaps & Missalignment

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Intersectional ​DEib Framework:

Develop and implement an intersectional DEB framework that goes beyond ​traditional diversity initiatives. This framework acknowledges and addresses ​the overlapping identities and experiences of individuals, such as race, ​gender, sexual orientation, disability, and socio-economic background. ​Workshops, resources, and policies can be tailored to recognize and support ​the unique challenges and perspectives of intersectional identities within the ​workforce. By embracing intersectionality, organizations can foster a more ​inclusive and equitable environment where all employees feel valued and ​empowered.

Diversity Metrics ​and data analysis

Inclusive Talent ​Development ​Programs:

Establish robust diversity metrics and analytics frameworks to track progress ​and identify areas for improvement. Utilize data-driven insights to assess ​representation across different levels of the organization, measure the ​effectiveness of DEB initiatives, and address any disparities or challenges. ​Presenting opportunities to leverage data for informed decision-making and ​continuous improvement in DEB efforts can enhance accountability and ​transparency within the organization.

Design and implement talent development programs that prioritize diversity, ​equity, and inclusion. Offer mentorship opportunities, leadership ​development programs, and skill-building workshops specifically tailored for ​underrepresented groups within the organization. These programs not only ​enhance career progression for diverse talent but also demonstrate a ​commitment to creating a supportive and inclusive workplace culture.

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is what guides us


Our firm's mission is to drive equity through empathy-driven encounters. We believe ​in the transformative power of understanding life experiences, fostering inclusivity, ​and removing barriers. By prioritizing empathy, we create environments where ​everyone feels heard, respected, and empowered.

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Cultivating Empathy

Develop a culture that prioritizes empathy, ​understanding, and connection among ​employees. This fosters a sense of belonging ​and loyalty, leading to higher engagement ​and retention rates.

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Harnessing Empathy ​for Innovation

Empowering Action ​and Impact

Encourage diverse perspectives and empathy-driven problem-solving to fuel innovation. This approach leads to creative solutions, better customer insights, and a competitive advantage in the market.

Empower employees to turn empathy ​into action, driving positive change in the ​workplace and community. This ​enhances collaboration, team ​performance, and the company's ​reputation, attracting customers, ​investors, and partners.

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